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Members : 37
Paid Members : 2
Total Url's : 98
Today's Surf : 1891
Yesterdays Surf : 3771
Average Surf : 3800
Current Surfers : 5
Total Banners : 26
Today's Shows : 2175
Yesterdays Shows : 4435
Total Adverts : 11
Today's Shows : 4313
Yesterdays Shows : 6294
Average Shows : 8553

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Must Surf Requirement enabled. If you are not surfing for 10 days your sites will be removed automatically from the rotation!!!


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Why a Quadsites.com Traffic Exchange?

Quadsites.com is a free to use Innovative Traffic Exchange with unique features. The site is designed for anybody who wants a Steady Heavy flow of hits to their sites, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for as long as you participate!!!

New features now availabel. You will love it. 

By using our traffic exchange, your traffic rankings will dramatically improve. This will help increase your chances of others finding your website on search engines - giving you more visitors, sign up's and sales. We even offer free webmaster tools to get you up and running!

It's that simple! Start receiving visitors to your site, referral link, business opportunity or whatever.

Sign up for your FREE account today, and get 5000 Credits FREE! (You need to surf 500 websites for your account to become active, before Bonus is added). Also to all Scammers we check for Valid Emails, so if you dont activate your account, it will be terminated. You must activate your account to be able to login and surf. Once you have Created your Free account, you can upgrade to Pro account, and get features!


What's New at quadsites.com:


  • Built-in support ticket system
  • Bannerboard
  • Link Box
  • Easy email link creation
  • Referral benefits
  • GEO signup tracking
  • Website and link categorization
  • Downline benefits to unlimited levels
  • Automated frame-breaker checking to improve surf performance
  • Full banner exchange
  • Surf prizes
  • Paid email sponsorship
  • Customise text adverts with a simple design editor.
  • Display ads on external sites for extra credits.
  • Solo emails
  • First page auction
  • Adclicker feature (alternative to surfbar)
  • Affiliate program builder
  • Surfbar Shoutbox for inter member communication

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to (contact us)

We are doing the best to let our customers happy!


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